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A herb, also known as a botanical, is a plant or part of a plant that people utilise to stay healthy or treat ailments. Herbal products provide hair care, skin care and other health benefits.

Herbal medicines have long been used to prevent disease, cure the infection, reduce fever, and heal wounds. Herbal remedies can also be used to treat constipation, pain, and as relaxants and stimulants. Some herbs and plant products have been demonstrated to have some of the same benefits as conventional medicines. Herbal health product and supplement makers are required by law to ensure that their labels are accurate and truthful.

These are taken as supplements to boost health and well-being, and they could also be applied for therapeutic purposes. Tablets, pills, powders, extracts, teas, and other herbal preparations are all available.


Herbs and herbal products, including those branded “natural,” can have significant physiological impacts.  Taking a combination of herbal supplements or combining supplements with prescription medications can have dangerous, even life-threatening consequences.

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